Data Scientist program for Unstructured Big Data (Base SAS + Macros + SQL + Visual Analytics + Predictive Modeling + Text Analytics + Hadoop)

SAS Business Analytics along with visual analytics brings in the capability to support the business and management with clear and insightful analyses on the data at hand. The data can come from any source and in any form. Large volumes of data in unstructured form like textual data can be analysed with great ease. This skill set imparted includes big data handling skills, data mining skills, text mining skills, advanced modelling techniques, business visualizations testing and creating and explaining results in clear and concise reports. The course enables somebody to become data scientist with skill set involving statistical, mathematical, predictive modelling skills as well as business strategy skills to build the analytical applications enabling the ability to ask the right questions and find the right answers.

Who should attend:
Aspirants who want to become Business analysts /experts, Business Visualization Analysts or experts and build a strong SAS programming foundation to manipulate data, perform queries and analyses, and generate analytical insights.Additionally, wants to access the power of SAS for analysis for complex business problems through data mining and predictive modelling using the point-and-click interface and statistically analyze, interpret business data for a broad range of applications. And learn how to provide structure to the unstructured text – with known, defined categories, extraction of facts, topic themes and a host of other measures – all of which can all be used to make decisions about the content.

Flair of any programming language is preferred however not necessary. Candidates with Engineering/MBA/MCA /Science/ Statistics degree or Analytics experience preferred.

Base SAS Programmer Certification

SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials
SAS SQL1: Essentials
SAS Predictive Modeling Certification

SAS Visual Analytics: Fast Track
Text Analytics Using SAS Text Miner
SAS Content Categorization Studio: Building Models


Job Roles:
Data Scientist
Data Strategist
Analytics Strategists
Analytics officer
Big Data Visualizer,
Business Visual Analyst,
Visual Report Analyst
Big Data Strategist
Data Modeler
Business Analyst
Analytics Consultant
Analytics Manager
Analytics Researcher
Content Researcher
Analytics Scientist

All roles above are mapped to Big data roles as well.