Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression (For Statisticians)

Duration: 24 hours

This course is for SAS software users who perform statistical analyses using SAS/STAT software. The focus is on t tests, ANOVA, linear regression, and logistic regression. This course (or equivalent knowledge) is a prerequisite to many of the courses in the statistical analysis curriculum.

Learn how to:

  • Generate descriptive statistics and explore data with graphs
  • Perform analysis of variance and apply multiple comparison techniques
  • Perform linear regression and assess the assumptions
  • Use regression model selection techniques to aid in the choice of predictor variables in multiple regression
  • Use diagnostic statistics to assess statistical assumptions and identify potential outliers in multiple regression
  • Use chi-square statistics to detect associations among categorical variables
  • Fit a multiple logistic regression model

Who should attend:Statisticians, researchers, and business analysts who use SAS programming to generate analyses using either continuous or categorical response (dependent) variables.


Before attending this course, you should

  • Have completed the equivalent of an undergraduate course in statistics covering p-values, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and regression
  • Be able to execute SAS programs and create SAS data sets. You can gain this experience by completing the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course.