SAS Content Categorization Studio: Building Models

Duration: 16 hours

This course gives a practical introduction to methods of document classification and content identification using SAS Content Categorization Studio.

Learn how to:

  • Describe the architecture and workflow for SAS Content Categorization
  • Define content categorization, concept extraction, and contextual extraction
  • Use automatic methods to categorize documents based on their topic
  • Write rules to categorize documents according to topic
  • Create rules to extract key pieces of information from documents.

Who should attend: Persons responsible for the development and/or testing of category rules and concept definitions; also beneficial for those who want to understand techniques for working with unstructured data.


No SAS or programming experience is required. You should be able to log on and off a computer, use a keyboard and mouse, and have a preliminary understanding of the differences between structured (numeric) and unstructured (text) data fields.

This course addresses SAS Enterprise Content Categorization, SAS Text Analytics software.