adv. data analytics

To compete effectively, in the new world of Big Data Analytics, a key skill set required for the 21st Century professional is capability in Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling.

This requires professionals to acquire strong capabilities in:

a) Grasping the fundamentals behind Mathematical and Statistical modeling.

b) Acquiring the skills on the best tools for Predictive Modeling & Data Mining.

The Executive Program in Data Exploration & Visualisation, Predictive Analytics and Data Mining is designed to help working professionals bridge this gap.

If you are an experienced professional seeking a career in Big Data Analytics but do not have experience in Statistics, this program will step by step build a strong foundation in Predictive Modeling and Data Mining.

Alternatively, if you are a Business Executive in a role requiring to take decisions, you necessarily need to be equipped with skills to solve a problem using Data viz. ANALYTICS. Currently you may be dependent on your Analytics counterparts to help make data driven decisions. This program will equip you with the necessary skills to learn the process of how to optimize decisions using data.

Program Objectives:

This program focuses on providing the following capabilities:

1) Data Exploration and Visualisation: Helps develop skills to identify those data patterns that will have significant impact on business and ignore those that will not.

2) Basic “Applied” Statistics techniques: Ability to have a good hands on understanding of core Statistics techniques which will provide professionals strong fundamentals to approach the Analytics activities in their organisations.

3)Advanced “Applied” Statistics techniques: A high level understanding of advanced statistical techniques to be able to have a firm grip on the practicality of the Data Mining etc. techniques being deployed.

Program Overview and Format:

This is a classroom based, instructor led, weekend program, designed to enable the participant balance his/her work schedule and still be able to put in the effort required to grasp all the objectives of the Training program mentioned above.

The program takes participants intensively through the fundamentals of Statistics to the concepts of key advanced techniques used in Predictive Analytics. The program assumes no background in Statistics but expects participants to be keen to work on quantitative techniques.

Classes are held at our Hyderabad center over weekends on Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each day for 4 months. Additionally participants are expected to practice/revise for attending the next weekend’s classes (Min.8 hours per week). They are provided exercises which they are expected to complete each week and are graded on the same.

Assessments are conducted at regular intervals to advise participants how well they are faring in grasping the fundamentals and areas where they need to focus on.

Participants work on case studies and projects to practice their learning.

All participants receive Participation Certificates from SAS India for the SAS modules they attend.

The course prepares participants for certification as SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner.


A) Analytics Concepts: Descriptive Statistics.
B) SAS Visual Data Discovery and Exploration using JMP software.
C) Analytics Concepts: Probability and Hypothesis formulation.
D) Analytics Concepts: Data Modeling.
E) SAS Enterprise Guide (EG): ANOVA, Regression and Logistic Regression.
F) Advanced Analytics Concepts.
G) Applied Analytics using SAS Enterprise Miner (eMiner).
H) Case studies.

SAS Global Certification:

SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner