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Admission on going

  • Advance SAS

SAS® Macro Language: Essentials

Lesson 1 Introduction

  • Why SAS Macro?
  • Setting Up for This Course

Lesson 2 The SAS Macro Facility

  • Program Flow and Tokenization
  • Creating and Using Macro Variables

Lesson 3 Storing and Processing Text

  • Macro Functions
  • Working with Special Characters
  • Using SQL to Create Macro Variables
  • Using the DATA Step to Create Macro Variables
  • Lookup Tables and Indirect Referencing

Lesson 4 Working with Macro Programs

  • Defining and Calling a Macro
  • Macro Variable Scope
  • Conditional Processing
  • Iterative Processing

Lesson 5 Advanced Macro Techniques

  • Storing User-Defined Macros for Reuse
  • User-Defined Macro Functions
  • User-Defined Macro Utilities
  • Data-Driven Macro Call

SAS® SQL 1: Essentials

Lesson 1 Essentials

  • Setting Up for the Course
  • What Is SQL?
  • Introduction to the SQL Procedure

Lesson 2 PROC SQL Fundamentals

  • Generating Simple Reports
  • Summarizing and Grouping Data
  • Creating and Managing Tables
  • Using DICTIONARY Tables

Lesson 3 SQL Joins

  • Introduction to SQL Joins
  • Inner Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Complex Joins

Lesson 4 Subqueries

  • Subquery in WHERE and HAVING Clauses
  • In-Line Views (Query in the FROM Clause)
  • Subquery in the SELECT Clause

Lesson 5 Set Operators

  • Introduction to Set Operators

Lesson 6 Using and Creating Macro Variables in SQL

  • Creating User-Defined Macro Variables
  • Creating Data-Driven Macro Variables with PROC SQ

Lesson 7 Accessing DBMS Data with SAS/ACCESS®

  • Overview of SAS/ACCESS Technology
  • SQL Pass-Through Facility
  • FEDSQL Procedure

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