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Admission on going

  • Advanced Excel

Course Features:

Anyone can learn Excel from beginner to advanced About 42 hours of
Instructor Led/Online Training

Course Objectives:

Enhance your excel skills with expert-led classroom/online sessions and make
every participant expert in Excel

Courses Outline

Entering Data,
● Important Formulas in Excel
● Pivot Tables in Excel
● Loops in VBA
● Getting started with Pivot Tables
● Getting started with VBA Macros
● Messaging in VBAReferencing in Formulas
● Working with Dynamic table
● Ensuring Data and File Security
● Debugging in VBA
● Creating Dashboards
● Name Range
● Data Sorting

● Creation of Interactive Components
● Understanding Logical Functions
● Data Filtering
● Core concepts of VBA
● Practical Projects in VBA
● Data Analysis
● Understanding Logical Functions

Getting started with Conditional Formatting

●Chart Creation
● Ranges and Worksheet in VBA
● Best Practices of Dashboards Visualization
● Advanced-level Validation
● Various Techniques of Charting
● IF condition
● Principles of Charting


Reporting Projects
● Creating Dashboards

Where to go from here

Interview Preparation
Can start your career in Excel field

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