analytics programmer

An integral part of the analytics team, Analytics Programmers are responsible for accessing, managing data and for performing complex queries and analysis. This career profile is also referred to as Statistical Programmers.

Student Profile

The key skill set for entry into this career is proficient programming capabilities. This requires a logical mindset to write efficient SAS programs and perform complex queries. Academic background may be from varied backgrounds but the career requires you to demonstrate proficient programming skills.

Career Path

Starting as an Analytics/Statistical Programmer in a large Analytics team, you would grow to lead and manage large teams. You could be part of a large Clinical Data Analysis team or a team in the Banking/Telecom/Retail analytics team for either outsourced work or with large domestic corporates. With career progression you will focus on an Industry specialisation.

Training Path

The comprehensive certificate program as SAS Analytics Programmer covers SAS programming, SAS reports, Analytics theory and Excel/VBA. It provides the key aspects of processes in Clinical Data Analysis and in the Banking area. It includes one SAS Global certification.Projects in Clinical Data Analysis and Banking get you to be industry-ready in various domains.

Specialization in SAS Programming on Clinical Trails Data

Program Highlights:

Exclusively, offered jointly by Ultrmax Mumbai and SASSavvy, CA, USA.

10 weeks in depth course on fundamentals of concepts in SAS Programming on Clinical Trials Data with Hands on Projects on Clinical Trials Data sets.

Program designed and executed by Sunil Gupta,CDISC Technical Director, founder of, recipient of SAS Circle of Excellence Award, SAS Programming Advisory Board for University of California,San Diego, Extension, with assistance from on site instructor.

Grading and reviews of assignments and hands on projects.

Membership of for program duration. Access to extensive resources on SAS programming with focus on Pharmaceutical industry.

This program comprehensively covers all the requirements of SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9.