Base SAS Programming

Base SAS Programming

Course Duration: 5 Days

This course is for users who want to learn how to write SAS programs to access, explore, prepare, and analyze data. It is the entry point to learning SAS programming for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is a prerequisite to many other SAS courses.

Learn how to 
  • Use SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide to write and submit SAS programs
  • Access SAS, Microsoft Excel, and text data
  • Explore and validate data
  • Prepare data by sub setting rows and computing new columns
  • Analyze and report on data
  • Export data and results to Excel, PDF, and other formats
  • Use SQL in SAS to query and join tables.
  • Course Content
  • Audience & Prerequisites
  • Learning Methdology


  • The SAS programming process
  • Using SAS programming tools
  • Understanding SAS syntax
Accessing Data
  • Understanding SAS data
  • Accessing data through libraries
  • Importing data into SAS
Exploring and Validating Data
  • Exploring data
  • Filtering rows
  • Formatting columns
  • Sorting data and removing duplicates
Preparing Data
  • Reading and filtering data
  • Computing new columns
  • Conditional processing
Analyzing and Reporting on Data
  • Enhancing reports with titles, footnotes, and labels
  • Creating frequency reports
  • Creating summary statistics reports
Exporting Results
  • Exporting data
  • Exporting reports
Using SQL in SAS
  • Using Structured Query Language in SAS
  • Joining tables using SQL in SAS

Controlling DATA Step Processing

  • Setting up for this course
  • Understanding DATA step processing
  • Directing DATA step

Output Summarizing Data

  • Creating an accumulating column
  • Processing data in groups

Manipulating Data with Functions

  • Understanding SAS functions and CALL routines
  • Using numeric and date functions
  • Using character functions
  • Using special functions to convert column type

Creating Custom Formats

  • Creating and using custom formats
  • Creating custom formats from tables

Combining Tables

  • Concatenating tables
  • Merging tables
  • Identifying matching and nonmatching rows

Processing Repetitive Code

  • Using iterative DO loops
  • Using conditional DO loops

Restructuring Tables

  • Restructuring data with the DATA step
  • Restructuring data with the TRANSPOSE procedure

Who should attend

Anyone starting to write SAS programs


Before attending this course, you should have experience using computer software. Specifically, you should be able to

  • Understand file structures and system commands on your operating systems
  • Access data files on your operating
  • No prior SAS experience is needed.
  • Classroom
  • Live Web
  • Self Paced Learning
Student Testimonials

Ultramax Infonet provides rigorous technical and practical training on SAS . In addition to training it also conducts TNA’s which prepares students for GLOBAL Certification Exams. Training provided for Base and Advance SAS was fantastic for most of the modules.


Rishab Bothra

Best Institute in Mumbai for Learning SAS programming and Visual Analytics. Programming part Contains Base SAS, SAS Macros and SAS Sql and other module contains Visual analytics , predictive model. Placement is provided by Ultramax. Nice Experience with Ms.Neelam kaur for SAS Visual Analytics

Swati Jadhav

I would like to testify that Ultramax Infonet Education provides the most updated SAS technological training that is suitable to land a job in the designated area. I have completed my Base and BI training & certification under the guidance of knowledgeable instructor.

Neetu Sharma

It has been a great experience at Ultramax infonet for me, right from class room to placement.

I am immensely thankful to Ultramax infonet  pune for providing  SAS training program which helped me groom and prepare myself for the challenges in the industries. The Faculty and staff are all dedicated to student success and innovation. The flexible and professional environment for learning provides the opportunity to explore yourself

Palash Sahare

Company – Nupeak IT
“I share my experience about ULTRAMAX. After Completion of I don’t know how to search job. One of my Friend told about ultramax. then I am connecting with ultramax. Here I am learn SAS Programming. I gain here practical Knowledge which is important to join Industry.I learn here how to convert weakness to strengths,English Communication,Personality Development etc. Today Who I am only Because of Ultramax.. The Course is Very well structured and trainers are very helpful at very phase of learning. The assignments are perfect for understanding real time project.

Shripad Binawade

Company – Karmic life Sc.

Google referred me to approach “Ultramax” and I was glad to connect with them on proper instruction my training for three modules Base, Advance SAS and Predictive Modeling were successfully completed on time. The staff is very kind and informative. Proper time for practicing was provided which helped in clearing our doubts. My experience can be rated as 4.8/5. Proper guidance. Good practice labs and sessions for doubt solving. Ultramax, did help we get a nice job

Tanvi Yedke

Company – Acxiom Technologies

I wanted to learn Base, Advance SAS and Predictive Modeling. It was the best institute to learn and get trained from here. They provide with all best facilities, classrooms are very well maintained and equipped. Trainer for base and advance was very good. Concepts were very clear and trainers were also professional.Overall experience was very well. It provided by quite good opportunities for placement


Kalyani Uttarwar

Company – TCS
I have joined Ultramax on 28th Aug 2016 for base and advanced SAS training. It was great experience with Ultramax Infonet. Classrooms are well equipped with projectors. Ultramax provide SAS training which syllabus in refined and framed by highly qualified domain specific knowledge and examples which is easy to learn. All trainers, admin and placement team are very supportive and helpful. Trainers are very good with good depth of their own knowledge and patience with trainees. Placement Team is very good co-operative & active. Excellent theories, models and training with well delivered, engaging sessions. Overall the journey of the course was excellent. To pursue my dream Ultramax played very important role where I improved my confidence, command on soft skill and learn technical skills which helped me to develop my personality. I would like to thank all the trainers and staff of Ultramax Institute for giving me my dream job in Barclays.

Harsha Kamat

Company: Barclays Technology Centre India
I had joined Ultramax infonet for base, advanced and Visual Analytics training. The institute is informative, friendly and offers great advice to students. Classrooms are well equipped; overall it was a great experience with Ultramax. The Faculty, Management and Placement staff is very co-operative and always ready to help. Training provided for all the modules was great especially since it consisted of hands on programming in class. The course notes are particularly helpful and easy to follow. In addition they also conduct TNA’S which help in preparing for the Global Certification Exams. I got placed in Edelweiss through Ultramax. Ultramax has helped me to build my career in SAS. The trainers, support staff and the placement head have all been very kind and helpful. I am grateful for the efforts Ultramax team has taken for me. Overall a great experience.

Akhilesh Aeer

Company: Edelweiss