business analyst

Business Analysts, with their core understanding of the organisations’ business, provide reports to various end users in the organisation for effective decision making. These reports are based on insights from summary statistics of the large data or insights developed by applying mathematical rigour on the data.

Student Profile

Business Analysts need to have good analytical capabilities to access, organise and report data. They need to have a good understanding of the organisation’s business and they should have the capability to understand business users’ requirements and accordingly provide insightful reports. Further they should have fundamental understanding of Dimensional Modeling including OLAP.

Career Path

As organisations have more data, they want to use it to build competitive advantage. Business Analysts have the opportunity to be part of large teams that provide these insights. This ever expanding activity in the domestic and outsourced markets provides a big career opportunity for aspiring Business Analysts.

Training Path

The comprehensive certificate program as SAS Business Analyst provides training in SAS programming, SAS Stat, SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics theory leading to certification as SAS Certified Business Intelligence Developer. It includes two SAS Global certifications.