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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to a strategy that businesses adopt to manage interactions and engagement with existing as well as past and potential customers. The goal is to generate more leads, improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and boost sales growth by understanding interaction and preferences of every client and potential clients.

Trio Corporation offers Bizplus CRM that enables you to manage every aspect of your business, improve bottom line through increased customer retention, stronger relationships, loyalty and sales.


Contact Management

Secure all your customers data such as contact information, interaction notes, relevant documents or files in one central location accessible by internal teams only.

Sales Automation

Automate your sales process such as invoice generation, oversee payment tracking and inventory management that help you close more deals efficiently in less time.

Marketing Automation

Streamline your marketing tasks such as email campaign, IVR (Interactive voice response), WhatsApp, and customer segmentation that help you reach potential leads at the right time.

Analytics and Reporting

Bizplus CRM’s enables you to create a variety of dashboards to get operational, analytical and collaborative data of all core areas for better business projection.

Customer Service Management

Ensure your customers issues are resolved timely with Bizplus CRM notification and daily emails feature. Manage customer service interactions, service requests, customer feedbacks easily and quickly.

Android App

Utilise our user-friendly CRM android app and check daily lead updates, follow-ups, reminders, task management, and stay up-to-date with all emergency notifications.

Easy and Free Integration:

Bizplus CRM offers easy and free integration with Facebook, landing pages, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Justdial, What's App, etc. and helps you record leads in CRM. Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Try our CRM today and see the difference!


Increase Sales

CRM helps in identifying potential customers and targeting them with personalised campaigns helps businesses increase their sales.

Improved Customer Experience

with Bizplus CRM, businesses can track their customers' interactions and improve experience by understanding their needs and preferences.

Enhanced Customer Retention

identifying your customers issues and resolving them quickly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and Bizplus CRM is the best tool to invest in.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Automating routine tasks helps your team to focus on important and complex tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity and cut down the costs.

Business Insights

With a CRM tool, businesses can keep all the analytical reports at one place, accessing easily, identifying trends, making informed decisions about development or marketing or others.

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Feel Free to contact us for Demo
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