Data Integration Developer

Data Integration Developer

Course Duration: 5 Days

Learn how to write SAS programs and enter into the world of 4th generation programming even without any prior knowledge of programming. Understand the components of the SAS macro facility to automate your work and reduce the time and effort in writing and maintaining programs. Learn how to process SAS data using Structured Query Language (SQL). Move up the ladder in Data Management Technology and learn how to support the extraction, movement, transformation, and loading of data between systems. SAS Data Management products support migrating data between nearly any type of platform, database, and file format.

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  • Case Studies

Base SAS®Programmer Certification

It is the entry point to learning SAS programming and is a prerequisite to many other SAS courses


SAS® Macro Language 1: Essentials

Learn the components of the SAS macro facility and how to design, write, and debug macro systems


SAS® SQL 1: Essentials

This course teaches you how to process SAS data using Structured Query Language (SQL)


SAS® Data Integration Studio: Fast Track

Learn SAS Data Integration Studio for registering sources & targets; creating & working with jobs etc.


Data Integration Developer

Who should attend: Aspirants who want to become Data Manager and build a strong SAS programming foundation to manipulate data, perform queries and analyses, and generate reports. Aspirants who want to develop skill set for building data warehouse and/or data mart while ensuring a high level of data quality and accessibility for business intelligence and data analytics applications and deliver data to the right place, at the right time, in the right form, to the right person.

Prerequisites: Flair of any programming language is preferred however not necessary. Candidates with experience in Data Management preferred

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Case Studies

Learn the application of data science through a comprehensive set of case studies designed by international industry experts in fields such as BFSI, Retail, E-Commerce, Cyber crime and much more

Preparing Data & Manipulation Techniques

  • Use programming approach for data preparation, manipulation & analysis purpose

Building Data Mart

  • Use Data integration techniques to integrate data from heterogeneous sources and build a data mart for future reporting analysis purpose.