“ If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”
- Herschel Walker


We have dedicated and experienced faculty to propel students forward in their IT Training and Certification Programs. One of the many reasons why we are preferred by students and IT aspirants are our strong base of Trainer having years of teaching and training experience, who mould and upgrades themselves as per the need of IT revolution in Industry.

With the passage of time and need of the hour we conduct in-house faculty programs and make them ready to face the demand of students.

We help you to shift from customary lecture- based, instructor-centered training methodology… to a lively, participant-centered, multi-sensory learning format which has proven to dramatically accelerate learners’ attainment of knowledge and skills.

our Experts Teaching Staff


Ashwini Chinchwale

Senior SAS Consultant SAS-10yrs Exp

Shyam Khandakar

Senior Red Hat Trainer/IT Consultant with Ultramax IT 12yrs Exp.

Madhavi Pikle

Senior Technical Consultant With Ultramax Infonet Technologies Pvt.Ltd. 22yrs Exp