B9 Creator

How does the B9Creator work?

The B9Creator is a DLP (digital light processing) printer. DLP is a similar process to stereolithography in that it is a 3D printing process that works with photopolymers. The major difference is the light source. DLP uses a more conventional light source with a deformable mirror device (DMD), which is applied to the entire surface of the vat of photopolymer resin in a single pass, generally making it faster than SL which traces the outline of every part on every pass.


Jewelers around the world are using B9Creators in their business to move quickly from design to casting, relying on the ability of the machine to print small prongs & cast our resin in their traditional casting process. In addition to improving things in the manufacture of jewelry, some forward-thinking partners are using the speed & durability of our black resin to put samples of custom rings on customer fingers in under 45 minutes.

The B9Creator’s ability to print features in fine detail, openness to a variety of materials, and low startup/operating costs make B9Creators a valuable tool for both educators and researchers alike. Educators find the B9Creator to be a great teaching tool for students in both high schools and colleges, whose studies range from science to art. Researchers around the world are using the B9Creator in fields from micro-fluidics to stem cell research to micro-filtration.

In the laboratory environment, speed, repeatability, & the capability to print in a variety of materials make the B9Creator a tool that saves time, money & drives customer satisfaction. Dental customers are using the B9Creator to make molds for metal appliances, and also models of oral scans.

Whether using the B9Creator as part of their business creating & selling miniatures, performing restoration of collectable models, or simply creating for fun, owners love the detail, toughness, & speed of our output.

B9Creator V 1.2

Resolution 30, 50, or 70 micron xy resolution as low as 5 microns in the z
Software Auto Support Generator
Materials B9R Resin Open to 3rd party Resins
Build Envelope adjustable for 30, 50 and 70 micron xy resolution (black boxes shown below)
Data Handeling .STL files


B9R-1-Red is a favorite for those who are modeling or wanting to cast finished print.
B9R-1-Cherry is great for jewelers looking for very high resolution. This is our most casting friendly resin.
B9R-2-Black is our high-speed printing resin. Also great for HD modeling and vulcanized molding.

Build Size

@ 30 Microns – 57.6 x 32.4 mm
@ 50 Microns – 96 x 54.0 mm
@ 70 Microns – 104 x 75.6 mm