Sense 3D Scanner

Sense 3D scanner Capture your world in 3D

Sense 3d Scanner
Sense is the only 3D scanner to deliver precise instant physical photography in full-color, so everyone can capture his or her scanable moments. Sense has a flexible scan size and can capture everything from a picture perfect cupcake to a full-body selfie, processing data in seconds for an instantly 3D printable file. An intuitive interface makes it easy to scan and edit 3D printable files of objects large and small, while integration with Cubify and the Cube® 3D printer provides a complete path from physical to digital, and back again.

Most Capable, Highest Performance: Speed, Quality, Color and Size Capability

  • Most Capable, Highest Performance: Speed, Quality, Color and Size Capability Quality tracking and automatic object recognition to make capturing more detail and extracting precise targets from the busiest of backgrounds easier than ever.
  • Only full-color consumer 3D scanner optimized for 3D printing, meaning all scans are capture in full color and guaranteed 3D printable either on a PJP home 3D printer like Cube and CubePro or for Cloud Printing on 3D Systems Cubify ecosystem.
  • Largest scan range in its class with capability to scan as small as 6 inches cubed up to 10 feet cubed, at the affordable price of $399.

Platform Integration: Updated and Expanded

  • Key product in the consumer digital thread enabling easy capture and creation of 3D content for 3D printing with no design skills necessary.
  • Ideal tool for K-12 and University education classrooms and labs.
  • Sense software is now available in 12 standard languages, includng French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
Versatile scan range in full-color Allows users to be able to scan and capture objects both big and small from 6 in cubed to 10 ft cubed. Some scanners are better at capturing small objects and some scanners are better at capturing big objects. This scanner can do it all, in full-color.
Optomized tracking and auto object recognition Makes scanning faster and easier than ever. Automatic object recognition makes scanning easier in crowded or busy areas much easier. With optimized tracking capabilities, the Sense almost never loses tracking and, if it is lost, it’s much easier to regain it.
Software editing features Quickly and easily edit your scans using the Sense software. Make basic edits to the scan, including adjusting brightness and contrast, cropping, and solidifying.
Fully integrated and optimized for 3D printing Scan, edit, print. Edit in more depth with Cubify Sculpt and go from digital to physical in minutes with the Cube 3D printer. Sense generates water-tight models for 3D printing in STL, PLY and OBJ formats. Sculpt allows users to mash their scans to create functional pieces, validated for 3D printing. Users can upload scans to their Cubify Shelf and print directly to their Cube or get it CloudPrinted in Colorstone, Ceramix, and other materials.


    (32-bit or 64-bit)
    (32-bit or 64-bit)
    Windows 7® and up
    Mac OS X 10.8 and up
    Min: 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m
    Max: 3m x 3m x 3m
    5.08(w) x 7.08(h) x 1.3(d) in
    12.9(w) x 17.8(h) x 3.3(d) cm
    0.35m – 3m
    Horizontal: 45°
    Vertical: 57.5°
    Diagonal: 69°
  • SPATIAL X/Y RESOLUTION @ 0.5m: 0.9mm
  • DEPTH RESOLUTION @ 0.5m: 1mm
  • USB INTERFACE: 2.0/3.0
    Intel® Core i5™
    RAM: 2 GB minimum
  • Warranty: 1 year